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Center for Synthetic Biology Newsletter July 2014

Synbio Newsletter July 2014


Center for Synthetic Biology at ESOF 2014

Synthetic biology was well-represented at last week’s successful Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF2014) conference in Copenhagen. Participating in both the official conference as well as the surrounding Science in the City Festival, Center for Synthetic Biology engaged in scientific sessions, explored installation-based public dialogue and learning potentials of Science Moves – as well as discussed open innovation and IPR at the KopenLab Hackerthon.

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Our New Facebook Page has Launched! 

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Synbio Business Students Win Venture Cup  

Out of 400 applicants, the cross-disciplinary team behind new start-up TychoBio, has just won the Danish Championship in entrepreneurship, Venture Cup. They want to produce high-value chemicals in moss in collaboration with researchers from University of Copenhagen.

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Synbio Researcher Søren Rasmussen on Science Watch's List of Most Influencial Scientific Minds 2014 

Who are some of the best and brightest scientific minds of our time? Science Watch has made a list that includes Center for Synthetic Biology affiliated researcher Søren Gøgsig Farup Rasmussen

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Innovative Protein Analysis Receives a Million Dollar Grant

Tom Vosch's "Real-time imaging of solid conformational dynamics of ion channel gating with plasmonic nano-antennas" project funded by HFSP.

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Young Researchers

Career tree   

Tips and Tricks from the Careers Workshop

What did we learn?

Use: LinkedIn, Twitter, Researchgate and recruitment agencies! Follow hashtags for meetings and conferences before, during and after.

Focus on job search based on you personality type and interests.

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In the Media

Vores produkt er mere værd end guld 

(Eng: Our product is worth more than gold)


National Danish Newspaper reports on TychoBio's Venture Cup winning Moss Reactor. The idea is a commercialisation of the research of Professor Björn Hamberger from the Centre for Synthetic Biology. 


Read more here ... » Can science be ascertained visually?

What do scientists and documentary filmmakers have in common – and can a visual approach to the scientific process open new doors to knowledge development? PhD student Allan Alfred Birkegaard Hansted reports from explorative workshop with participation from Center for Synthetic Biology.

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New Publications

A selection of the most recent peer reviewed publications produced by Center for Synthetic Biology researchers.

  • Standardization, IPRs and Open Innovation in Synthetic Biology

    By Timo Minssen and Jakob Wested.
    Contribution to article compilation "Innovation, Competition, Collaboration" … »

  • Redirecting Photosynthetic Electron Flow into Light-Driven Synthesis of Alternative Products Including High-Value Bioactive Natural Compounds

    L.M. Lassen, A.Z. Nielsen, B. Ziersen, T. Gnanasekaran, B.L. Møller, P.E. Jensen. ACS Sythetic Biology  »

  • Please send details of new synbio affiliated publications to so that we can share the success with the Center


Researcher Profile in Focus

Congratulations to Dr. Andersen-Ranberg on his new Doctorate title


Find out more about Johan's successful Phd project here


Did you know that some plants form compounds with anti-cancer effects when they need to defend themselves? Johan Andersen-Ranberg is trying to trick the recipes for these compounds out of the plants, as to create new cheap ways of producing otherwise very expensive medicines. In this way, cancer treatment with these effective but rare compounds can be made available for widespread use. 



Upcoming Events

  • 11 August - 15 August 2014

Synbio Phd SUMMER SCHOOL: Synthetic Biology in Photosynthetic Organisms

  • 11-15. august 2014: Join fellow Phd students at this years' Synbio Summer School: "Synthetic Biology in Photosynthetic Organisms".» Read more

  • 15 September - 19 September 2014

SUMMER SCHOOL: Societal Dimensions of Synbio

  • Masters, PhD students, and postdocs from all relevant disciplines are invited to participate in the summerschool "Analyzing the Societal Dimensions of Synthetic Biology", which is to take place 15th-19th September 2014. Deadline for applications: 10th March.» Read more

  • 6 November - 7 November 2014

International Symposium for Plant Science, S. Korea

  • Biosynthesis of structurally complex diterpenoids as lead compounds for new drugs» Read more

  • 28 June - 3 July 2015

Gordon Research Conference on Synbio

  • The prestigious organization Gordon Research Conferences is hosting a conference on synthetic biology on June 28th-July 3rd 2015. It will take place in Newry, Maine, USA.» Read more

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