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Synbio Newsletter June 2013


Synbio Newsletter June 2013





PHD SCHOOL: Synbio Scientists to host Workshop on Geometry of Liquid Crystals

Biophysicists and participants in the Center for Synthetic Biology, 
Jacob Kirkensgaard and Kell Mortensen are among the organizers of the Niels Bohr Institute International PhD School on 'Geometry and topology of liquid crystals and related ordered materials' which will be held August 19- 23rd 2013 at the Niels Bohr Institute at University of Copenhagen. 

Detailed information as well as the 
registration form are available here: 
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New article in Open Access Journal PLOS One


Scientists from Karen Martinez's research group have recently published an article in PLOS One, entitled "PDZ Domain-Mediated Interactions of G Protein-Coupled Receptors with Postsynaptic Density Protein 95: Quantitative Characterization of Interactions".

Read the full article here 




Synbio in the Press 

"Førende dansk planteforsker: »GMO er blevet en slagmark«"

(Eng: "Leading Danish Plant Researcher  "GMO has become a battleground"")

by  Torben R. SimonsenIngeniøren
8th June 2013

Professor Birger Lindberg Møller discusses the direction of GMO research in Denmark

Read the full article here ...


New Grants Received by Synbio Researchers

GRANT: Dissecting the Role of Atp Binding Cassette (Abc) Proteins in Cellular Sterol Transport and Sequestration

Thomas Günther Pomorski (PLEN, KU) and Assoc. Prof. Daniel Wüstner (Syddansk Uni.) have received a 5 million Kroner grant from the Villum Foundation.

Read more about the project here ...

GRANT: Molecular analysis of P-type ATPases from single vesicle to single molecule level 

Thomas Günther Pomorski and Dimitrios Stamou have received a 6 million Kroner grant from Det Frie Forskningsråd - Nature og Universe
Read more about the project here ...» 

GRANT: Nanogap luminescence as a new tool for studying molecular electronics and fluorescence enhancement

Associate Professor Tom Vosch has received a 2.3 million Kroner grant from Det Frie Forskningsråd - Nature og Universe

Read more about the project here ...


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