23 October 2015

Membrane Binding and Modulation of the PDZ Domain of PICK1

Erlendsson, S. and Madsen, K.L. Membrane binding and modulation of the PDZ domain of PICK1 Membranes 5(4), 597-615 doi:10.3390/membranes5040597(2015)

Scaffolding proteins serve to assemble protein complexes in dynamic processes by means of specific protein-protein and protein-lipid binding domains. Many of these domains bind either proteins or lipids exclusively; however, it has become increasingly evident that certain domains are capable of binding both. Especially, many PDZ domains, which are highly abundant protein-protein binding domains, bind lipids and membranes. Here we provide an overview of recent large-scale studies trying to generalize and rationalize the binding patterns as well as specificity of PDZ domains towards membrane lipids. Moreover, we review how these PDZ-membrane interactions are regulated in the case of the synaptic scaffolding protein PICK1 and how this might affect cellular localization and function.

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