Funding for Team SpaceMoss

We are very thankful to our generous sponsors:

Using a generously donated lab bench at the Synthetic Biology Center, the team has so far made successful transformations of selected genes in moss. We are also grateful for the time and energy our supervisors have given us.

Assoc. prof. Björn Hamberger
Assoc. prof. Henrik Toft Simonsen
MSc. Student Josephine Schrøder
Tycho Bio co-founder Will Wright
Research coordinator Nanna Heinz

We have received a travel grant from Lundbeck Fonden for DKK 50,000. 

UCPH Almene Fond has contributed DKK 30,000 in funding.

Tycho Bio has provided the team DKK 50,000 to cover registration expenses while awaiting funding disbursements.