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Opinion Pieces in Print Media

I have voiced my opinions on research and innovation politics in the following Danish newspaper articles: 

In an opinion piece in Børsen, I voiced the vision of CC Synbio: http://synbio.ku.dk/ccsynbio/

Fakturaen mangler by Lise Richter. 28.05.2012. - http://www.information.dk/302024

Verdensklasse kræver en egenkapital, der vil noget by Birger Lindberg Møller, Eske Willerslev and Thue W. Schwartz. 07.05.2012. English summary: http://synbio.ku.dk/news/uni_savings_positions/

Viden i alle lande - foren den! by Birger Lindberg Møller. 16.12.2011  - http://cms.ku.dk/nat-sites/nano-sites/synbio/pdfs/popular_articles/Weekendavisen.pdf/

Read more in the Vision: Crossdisciplinarity section of my website.